Roshan Ganu is a multimedia narrative artist originally from Goa-India, now based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Mining objects and moments from her cultural memory juxtaposed with elements from her present reality, she creates a hybrid space where reality and fiction coexist. Using materials as language, she uses neon, water, light, colour and ink, abstracting the fluid state of mind inhabited by a migratory person. Projection and animation are used as tools to evoke ephemerality, wonder and a vivid imagination, all encompassing into an immersive space.

Exhibition Statement : ‘In The Presence Of Longing’

This exhibition is the coming together of two chapters of work, one pre-pandemic and one post. The longing pre-pandemic was a more specific one, one for home, for places lived and feelings experienced from an elsewhere. Post pandemic there is an inability to identify the object of longing. If found, the forms are exaggerated, mysterious and fluid. The only way to be in this ‘new’ context seemed to flow with it, roll in it like ink does in water, without the need to logically objectify it. The longing is for the far as much as near, intimate as much as cold, stable as much as fluid, objects as much as abstraction. Together, it is living in the presence of many different longings.

This body of work is a reflection on the ‘hybrid: real + fictional’ state in which one finds themselves when transitioning between places. When access to ‘home’ is forbidden, how does a person create a romantic human geography around them, in a new environment? Especially for people experiencing displacement in the form of (voluntary or forced) migration, what grounds the in-between place? ‘In The Presence of Longing’ proposes ‘fiction’ as a tool to ground oneself in this state of hybridity.

Address: Minneapolis, MN, United States