Roshan Ganu is a multimedia artist originally from Goa, presently based in Minneapolis. Her practice uses iterations of light, darkness, moving image, space and time to explore the poignant states of our human condition. She is interested in the interflow of meaning between the linguistic, visual, experiential and transdisciplinary.  Her work brings a narrative, a moment or an emotion to life wherein she employs the tools of linguistics, space, time, moving image and narrative to meet her audience in a space of vulnerability. ‘Isolation’ is the predominant framework through which she perceives the human condition, the overriding subtext in her work. 


Ganu is presently the MCAD-Jerome Foundation Fellow 2022-23. She has been a recipient of the 2021-22 Next Step Fund Award by Metropolitan Regional Arts Council and the MNiatures grant by Minnesota Opera in 2021. She concluded her Fall 2022 artist residency at Soo Visual Arts Center with a culminating solo exhibition, and was the 2021-22 artist-in-residence at Second Shift Studio Space in St. Paul. She is currently a Foundation Studies Professor at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. She is also the co-founder and lead artist of Aapli Zine Library in Northeast Minneapolis, a public interest project supported by MRAC’s Arts Impact For Groups and Springboard For The Arts. 



Address: Minneapolis, MN, United States