This One Full Moon Night

Diorama and storytelling 2019

This one full moon night she popped out of a book, and took a walk down East 25th Street. 


Fresh from a closed book, she looked around to see if anything was familiar. After all, when you are new in a neighbourhood, you must find a sense of home, no? Nobody sells that stuff, you have to find it, discover it, hunt it down and make it your own.

So she walked and she walked and she walked some more. 


It was a chilly night in December, but just like other Minnesotans, she ventured out without a sweater or a jacket. She looked left, and she looked right, she looked up and she looked down. 


“Where might I find a sense of home?” she wondered to herself. 


“How far will I go, before I pop back into the warmth of the book?” she thought to herself. 


“Actually, will I ever pop back into the book?” she questioned herself.


“Well, only time will tell,” she challenged herself.

The moonlit night had just the right amount of festive sparkle on the trees, as the soft silhouettes of urban forms draped the naked street. 


So she walked and she walked and she walked some more.


She looked over the bushes, she peered through the windows, she glanced through restaurants, she examined the fallen leaves, she took note of the crickets, she peeked into the gardens, she contemplated sounds and smells, she gazed at the murky skies above. 


So she walked and she walked and she walked some more. One year went by.

Crickets chirped through the dense canopies of urban street sounds; people were walking their dogs and bikers were enjoying a ride in their peaceful First World existence. The trees rustled aloud as the breeze stormed through their soul. Suddenly, she noticed that everything was alive.


As she kept walking and walking and walking some more, as the rhythm of her thoughts matched the rhythm of her feet, she watched a whole civilisation spring up before her. People with stories, a land full of secrets, a street full of smells and ears full of sounds. She observed how the streets spoke to her, and how she spoke back to them. How this distant land of unfamiliar people, had become her shell of discovery and wonder. 

She walked and she walked and she used the place like no-one had done before. She found her home, she discovered it within and without, on East 25th Street, this one full moon night.