The Night Project

(Ongoing) 2020

In The Night Project I venture into the dark hours of Minneapolis to document what goes on outside while we sleep, from my perspective as a self-identifying womxn. I evade the ‘danger’ that the Night brings upon my existence, and instead I delve into the pleasure I feel while being anonymous in the shadows of The Night, in the company of insects, the streets and other creatures of The Night.

Once the documentation is complete, The Night Project will survive as a miniature.


Formats : Video, animation, soundscapes and smell profiles

Soundscape: 1:20am in an alleyway around Minnehaha Avenue

Documenting the Night in Minneapolis. : Episode 4


The insects were awake

But the garden was asleep

Drooping to their coarse voices

Melody danced around their sleep


There was drama across the sky

The war was about to start

It was that interim silence

'The Silence Before The Storm',

tearing them apart.


Sometimes the stillness of The Night

writes its own poetry.

What Happens At Night ?

Documenting the Night in Minneapolis. : Episode 2



the Night is just some empty space.


Until we show up.

What Happens At Night ?

Documenting the Night in Minneapolis : Episode 0


It was a stormy summer night.

I watched the pouring rain

while reminiscing

the Goan Monsoon

and listened

to a friend singing.


Singer: Ritika Ganguly

Home is Outside

Documenting the Night in Minneapolis. : Episode 3


After a day of cleaning and setting up my new room, where do I really feel at home?



Alone in a Warehouse District

Documenting the Night in Minneapolis. : Episode 1


After a long work day in the studio,

waiting for my ride home.

When The Night Summons


Music : Raaga Malkauns (a midnight raaga) Performed by : Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia

Documenting the Night in Minneapolis : Episode 5

Tandav is a divine dance performed by the Hindu gods. The Hindu scriptures narrate various occasions when gods have performed the Tandava.

- Source: Wikipedia -


When the Night summons

You must answer her call


She demands.... commands.... head up


Whether you are asleep at the door

Filled with hunger and fatigue


Or prowl for food in the streets


Or lay in bed

Worried sick

Or just sleep...

In noiseless bliss


Tonight she commands your attention 


As the Womxn of the Soil perform the Tandav* across the sky


Look outside tonight Minneapolis…


The Night is conducting a fierce lullaby.

© 2023 Roshan Ganu

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